Legislative Action Alert! - Public Hearing on February 15th!

A mandatory helmet bill for motorcyclists and passengers has been introduced in Connecticut as HB 6048. This is the one we should focus on.

There is also a bill looking to mandate helmets for scooter riders, which we may have to include in our testimony as well: HB 6281.

#1 Call your Connecticut State Representative and State Senator and let them know that you oppose any reinstatement of the helmet law. NO VULGARITIES! Please keep it professional.

Here is where to find your State Representative and State Senator.

Start with something like: "My name is (say your name). I live at (say your street and town name)." If the only phone number you find for your Representative or Senator goes to the House Republican or House Democrat answering machine then include the name of your Politician: "This message is for (say the name of your Representative or Senator)." Conclude with something like: "I am calling to let you know that I oppose any reinstatement of a motorcycle helmet law like HB 6048." You might also mention opposition to HB 6281 to drive home the point that we are paying attention to all such bills.

If you feel that your personal profession, trade, or status is significant, include that too; truck driver, Veteran, rescue worker, accountant, retiree, concerned voter, etc.

#2 Also call the Transportation Committee at (860)240-0590 ASAP and leave a message that you are calling to oppose HB 6048 and any attempt to reinstate a mandatory helmet law for adult motorcyclists in CT.

#3 Plan to attend the hearing at the Legislative Office Building, 300 Capital Ave, Hartford, CT 06106

Legislative Action Alert! - Public Hearing on HB 6048 (HB 6281 and reference to HB 7055 (lines 276-279) on Wednesday, February 15th!

Plan on getting to the Legislative Office Building at 8:00 am, for the best parking and seating options. If those seats are not filled with those in opposition to the bill, you risk having a helmet law.

Bring something to leave on your seat in hearing room 1E while you go have breakfast, hang out, or whatever. You can bring a helmet to reserve your seat. Lets them know that the bill opposition is not anti-helmet, we are anti-HELMET LAWS!

Plan on being at the LOB from 8:00 am (or a bit earlier for better parking) until 2:00 pm. Carpool if you can. Hopefully we will get out of there sooner, but it may be later. Anyone who comes later than 8:00 am will have to struggle with parking and seating.

If you have not been to the LOB in a while, you need to know that they have airport-style metal detectors and security entry now.

The cafeteria is fairly priced, and they do a great job. With about $10 cash you will be able to cover a light breakfast and decent sandwich for lunch. You can also bring your own food if you want.

Sign the bill book when you get into hearing room 1E to oppose the bill. Volunteers will be able to help you that day. Find a volunteer, to get a sticker to wear that says "No Helmet Law". You can wear it or stick it on your helmet that is reserving your seat.

Please remain professional. Interestingly, those that want us to be forced to wear helmets, and want to encourage more enforcement actions that go hand-in-hand with helmet laws, seem to be very angry about there not being a law these days. You may see more supporters for the bill this year than you have in past hearings. If you are really supportive of freedom of choice in helmet use and do not want to see Connecticut change its current helmet law, you'll do everything you can to be at this hearing, and get your friends and family to attend as well.

Thank you for all that you have done with writing emails, calling, writing letters, and more. Take a day and show that you do not want this bill to pass!

If you need any help understanding this, or finding your State Representative and/or Senator, feel free to contact me.

Legislative Action Alert! - Public Hearing on February 15th!

The hearing will be held at the Legislative Office Building located at 300 Capitol Avenue, Hartford.

Traveling on I-84 East

  • Take Exit 48, Capitol Avenue, get into the right lane of the exit ramp.
  • At the end of the exit ramp turn right onto Capitol Avenue.
  • Take the first right past the Legislative Office Building, proceed to the back of the garage and take a right to enter the garage using the left hand lane (employees) or the right hand lane (visitors).

Traveling on I-84 West

  • Take Exit 48, Asylum Street, at the end of the exit ramp turn right at the light onto Asylum Street.
  • At the YWCA turn left onto Broad Street, proceed through two stop lights, immediately after the Armory building take the first left and then another left at the end of the short access road.
  • Follow this road around the garage to the back and take a right to enter the garage using the left hand lane (employees) or the right hand lane (visitors).

Traveling on I-91 North or South

  • Take Exit 29A, Capitol Avenue, proceed through the Pulaski Circle at the end of the long exit road. Take a right on Elm Street and turn left at Trinity Street.
  • Go past the Capitol building and the I-84 entrance ramp, all on your right.
  • Take the first right past the Legislative Office Building, proceed to the back of the garage and take a right to enter the garage using the left hand lane (employees) or the right hand lane (visitors).


  • Limited public parking is available on the first floor of the parking garage. Exit the first floor of the parking garage and proceed to the west entrance (facing Broad Street) to the Legislative Office Building.
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